About Us


At Ruby Loot, we love slogan babytees!
We love them because they give us a voice. They're a conversation starter. They're style with personality & conviction. They're for people who are loud and proud and want to have fun with their fashion!

People have used symbols on their clothes to proclaim their beliefs for centuries. Activists have used protest and slogan tees for decades as an easy and affordable way to signpost the issues they care about. Since the sixties, people have used their bodies and fashion to proclaim their allegiance to brands and causes that align with both their style & social-political values. In the nineties, slogan tees became iconic (think Britney 'DUMP HIM') and have ever since been a staple of both the luxury and high-street fashion labels. 

And yet, until we came along, no brand in the UK was dedicated solely to selling of slogan babytees alone. But now! No more hunting through the Depops and Vinteds of this world to find cute iconic tees! No more ordering from abroad and waiting months for your purchase to arrive! At Ruby Loot you can find your perfect babytee any time, any day, any season.



All our tees are made with love and care in Portugal, designed to give you the most flattering fit possible. With buttery soft material and 4-way stretch, whatever your bust size, we’ll hug you, lift you & shape you so much your bras will be rendered redundant. 

Designed in limited edition themed collections, make sure you catch your favs before they sell out! And make sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our mailing list to have a say in upcoming collections and designs so that we can keep making tees that you love.

Being mindful of environmental impact, your tee doesn’t need to be washed after every wear. Save the planet and only wash when needed. Hand-wash or wash on a cold or 30 degree cycle to take best care of your tee.


Starting a fashion brand is not sustainable in itself, no matter how you approach it. But to offset some of our environmental footprint, we will be donating 1% of our profits to Ecologi. We have also chosen to sell small limited edition collections in order to ensure no dead stock and no waste. And all of our packaging is entirely recyclable, compostable and carbon neutral.

All of our factories (manufacturing plant, cutting plant, dye house, etc.) hold extremely high ethical standards, with fantastic staff care, paying 10-20% above the average working wage.

We are a women-run company and hold very strong views about women's rights and safety. For that reason, we will also be donating 1% of our profits to domestic violence charity Refuge.